Nowhere ManVeil finally has something to show for his quest, files which include a secret report written by an agent identified only as Gemini, as well as the unaltered original print of “Hidden Agenda” – showing the faces of the hanged men to be members of a Senate intelligence committee on domestic terrorism. Veil tracks down a surviving member of that committee, Senator Wallace, and reveals this information to him. He also learns that this committee strenuously opposed a bill that would have given the United States government’s intelligence agencies free reign in conducting surveillance of individual citizens. But before Veil can act further, his secret supporter is mysteriously transferred, and he discovers that he himself is not one man, but two – and one of those men is nowhere to be found.

Order the DVDswritten by Lawrence Hertzog and Art Monterastelli
directed by Stephen Stafford
music by Mark Snow

Cast: Bruce Greenwood (Thomas Veil), Hal Linden (Sentator William Wallace), Francis X. McCarthy (Robert Barton), Edward Edwards (Iverson)

LogBook entry by Earl Green