An Enemy Within

Nowhere ManVeil is mistaken for a trespasser and shot while camping in the farmlands of Pennsylvania. A local woman named Emily Noonan finds him and helps him recover, and this time it appears that Veil’s latest confidante has no connection to his ordeal. Veil learns that Emily is one of the last holdouts against an oppressive food conglomerate which intends to buy out all the local farmland, by force if necessary. His story of his fight against the conspiracy inspires Emily to stand her ground, but this may merely inspire her opponents to take more extreme measures.

Order the DVDswritten by Peter Dunne
directed by Ian Toynton
music by Mark Snow

Cast: Bruce Greenwood (Thomas Veil), Maria Bello (Emily Noonan), Raye Birk (Tobe Adler), James Lashly (Ed Durrant)

LogBook entry by Earl Green