The House / Certain Shadows On The Wall

Night GalleryThe House: A woman confesses to her psychologist that she has had the same dream for years – of driving toward a country house with an odd sense of anticipation – shortly before discovering that the house in question is not only real, but it up for sale. The realtor trying to close the deal gives her a somewhat skeptical warning that the previous owner thought the house was haunted. Not only will she buy the house, but she’ll find she knows its “ghost” very well.

Download this episode via Amazonteleplay by Rod Serling
from the story by Andre Maurois
directed by John Astin
music by Robert Prince / series theme by Gil Melle

Cast: Joanna Pettet (Elaine Latimer), Paul Richards (Peugeot), Steve Franken (Dr. Mitchell), Jan Burrell (Nurse), Almira Sessions (Old Woman)

Certain Shadows On The Wall: Emma Brigham dies after a lengthy illness, giving her three siblings – two sisters and a brother, Stephen, who left his medical practice behind to care for her full time – a sense of relief. But while Emma’s sisters are relieved that she is no longer in constant pain, Stephen is relieved that her death could result in a substantial inheritance. Emma’s shadow appears on a wall in her house, and nothing can block or outshine it. Stephen begins obsessing over getting rid of the shadow. But is it Emma’s spirit or his conscience?

Night Galleryteleplay by Rod Serling
from the story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
directed by Jeff Corey
music by Robert Prince

Cast: Louis Hayward (Dr. Stephen Brigham), Agnes Moorehead (Emma Brigham), Grayson Hall (Ann Brigham), Rachel Roberts (Rebecca Brigham)

LogBook entry by Earl Green