Experiment K03: Star Force: Fugitive Alien II

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The KTMA SeasonMST3K Story: Crow is still trying to explain Thanksgiving to Gypsy, but she doesn’t seem to get it. Joel shows off his latest invention: Num-Clucks! At some point a number is given for callers to voice their opinions of the show.

Star Force: Fugitive Alien II Story: In flashback, we learn the story of Ken, a former member of the Star Wolves, a group of intergalactic warriors from the planet Valna. Ken had refused to kill a child and his insubordination led to the death of his best friend. Finding himself alone and on the run from the Star Wolves, he was taken in by the crew of the starship Bacchus 3 (Captain Joe, Rocky, Dan and Tammy), who eventually learned to trust him. Rita, Ken’s girlfriend and sister to his deceased best friend, had been sent to kill him, but died in the ensuing confrontation. Now, Ken and his crewmates set out on a mission to the planet Cesar to destroy a powerful enemy weapon. They take on board a Cesar captive to guide them, Colonel Irulen, but he almost immediately causes unrest. After traveling through a black hole, everyone in the crew except Ken becomes ill from the side effects of the journey. Meanwhile the ship drifts closer to Demeter, a star about to go supernova, leaving Colonel Irulen as their only hope to get free of its pull. Through the combined forces of Ken and Colonel Irulen, the ship is repaired and they escape the star in the nick of time. Arriving at Cesar, they are attacked when Colonel Irulen’s attempt to secure passage is rebuffed. When Ken successfully fends off the attackers, Colonel Irulen guides the ship to “The Devil’s Desert”, a desolate area on Cesar. Captain Joe stubbornly insists on going on the expedition to find the enemy weapon, so Rocky shoots him with a tranquilizer to keep him safe. Most of the crew goes instead and, with the help of Colonel Irulen, manage to capture an enemy outpost and disguise themselves as enemy soldiers. Finding the installation in short order, they brazenly walk right in and are able to make their way to the heart of the enemy weapon and set a time bomb to destroy it. At the last moment, Colonel Irulen has a change of heart and attempts to stop the detonation, but is shot by a Cesar guard. The others attempt to make their escape, but one is captured and Ken goes back for him. The rescue is successful and the bomb goes off as planned, destroying the weapon and the entire installation. Meanwhile, Valna’s leader, Halkan, sends his Rangers after a powerful bomb developed on Earth. The crew of the Bacchus 3 are assigned to escort the young daughter of the bomb’s creator and are almost immediately attacked by the Rangers and the young girl and the plans to the bomb are taken. They also attempt to get to Ken by using a double of his late mother to infiltrate the Bacchus 3, but he sees through the ploy. Ken decides to go to Valna and confront Halkan personally. The Bacchus 3 follows and attacks the Valna fortress. A personal combat between Ken and Halkan results in the death of his mother’s double, who sacrifices herself to save Ken. Halkan attempts to escape in a starfighter, but Ken chases after him and defeats him in a dogfight. As the Bacchus 3 leaves Valna, Ken decides to stay behind to help rebuild its civilization.

MST3K segments written by Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Josh Weinstein, Jim Mallon & Kevin Murphy
MST3K segments director unknown
Star Force: Fugitive Alien II written by Keiichi Abe, Bunkou Wakatsuki, Yoshihisa Araki, Hiroyasu Yamamura (as Hiroyasu Yamura), Hideyoshi Nagasaki & Toyohiro Andô (as Toyohiro Andou)
Star Force: Fugitive Alien II directed by Kiyosumi Kuzakawa & Minoru Kanaya
Star Force: Fugitive Alien II music by Norio Maeda

MST3K Guest Cast: unknown

Star Force: Fugitive Alien II Cast: Tatsuya Azuma (Ken), Jo Shishido (Captain Joe), Miyuki Tanigawa (Tammy), Choei Takahashi (Rocky), Tsutomu Yukawa (Dan), Hiro Tateyama (Biri), Keiko Mari (Rita)

LogBook entry by Philip R. Frey

Notes: This episode has not appeared in fan circles, so has not been seen in its entirety since its original broadcast. Several tidbits of information have, however, emerged over time.

Star Force – Fugitive Alien II is a sequel to Fugitive Alien, shown later in the year in episode #K12 – Fugitive Alien (and re-used in #310). Not surprisingly, the entire listed cast also appears in the later episode (and earlier film).

Norio Maeda’s music for Sutâurufu can also be heard in the film in episode #K12 – Fugitive Alien (re-used in #310).

This is the first time a movie edited together from a TV show was used on MST3K. It wouldn’t be the last.

This film was re-used in #318 – Star Force – Fugitive Alien II.

Star Force: Fugitive Alien II original release date: 1986, from episodes of Sutâurufu that originally aired in 1978