Deepwater Black / Mission GenesisAfter surviving their first challenge from a hostile ship, the young and still amnesiac crew of Deepwater Black continues trying to remember anything – including how to fix the onboard computer, Gen. They’re surprised when Gen puts in an appearance shortly after Zak short-circuits her console, but she’s not herself. Gen insists that the entire crew resume cryo-sleep in one hour, and begins depressurizing sections of the ship in preparation. Even without their memories, everyone knows something is wrong, but with Zak locked out of Gen’s diagnostic program, they can’t get her to slow down her rush to put them back to sleep. Exploring the ship to look for another console, Gret suddenly has a flash of memory – and that memory includes the knowledge that she, and everyone else on board, is a clone.

Deepwater Blackwritten by Jeff Copeland and Barry Pearson
based on the Deepwater novels by Ken Catran
directed by Don McCutcheon
music by Fred Mollin

Cast: Gordon Michael Woolvett (Reb), Nicole de Boer (Yuna), Jason Cadieux (Bren), Julie Khan (Gen), Craig Kirkwood (Zak), Sara Sahr (Lise), Kelli Taylor (Gret)

LogBook entry by Earl Green