Deepwater Black / Mission GenesisA young woman named Yuna awakens from cryogenic sleep aboard a ship that’s lurching unpredictably through space. Other cryogenic containers open gradually, revealing the rest of her crewmates, though none of them – including Yuna – can remember their names or their shipboard functions at first.

Yuna and a young man named Reb regain enough of their memories to realize that their ship is being attacked, and manage to evade the attack by jumping into hyperspace – but whoever is firing on them continues the pursuit, and they can’t run forever. The others begin to recall their jobs: Zak is a cybernetics expert, and immediately sets about trying to repair the onboard computer and its holographic interface, Gen. Lise is medically trained, while the aggressive Bren comfortably steps back into his function as the ship’s security chief. Gret seems to be the crew’s communications expert. But all of them will have to remember how to do their jobs quickly in order to survive the next attack…

written by Bill Taub
based on the Deepwater novels by Ken Catran
directed by George Mendeluk
music by Fred Mollin

Cast: Gordon Michael Woolvett (Reb), Nicole de Boer (Yuna), Jason Cadieux (Bren), Julie Khan (Gen), Craig Kirkwood (Zak), Sara Sahr (Lise), Kelli Taylor (Gret)

Deepwater BlackNotes: Aired in the U.S. as Mission Genesis on Sci-Fi Channel, this series – based on a series of young adult SF novels by Canadian writer Ken Catran – was partially bankrolled by Sci-Fi Channel and was billed as the first Sci-Fi Channel original series. The cast is filled with faces familiar to viewers of Canadian-produced drama series (a category that also crosses over with many later Sci-Fi Channel original series). The television series diverges from the books in everything from minor story details to major elements such as the characters’ names. Composer Fred Mollin had previously scored such Canadian-produced TV series as Friday The 13th: The Series (and some of the later movies from that franchise), Forever Knight, TekWar and episodes of the new Outer Limits.

LogBook entry by Earl Green