The Max Headroom ShowMax speculates about the titles of chart-topping hits in Apartheid-controlled South Africa (hint: with the exception of “Ivory & Ivory”, every title hints at police brutality) before interviewing actor Oliver Green, discussing the censorship of films briefly. Max’s audience completely and utterly fails to win a chance to fly to Las Vegas to see the Boomtown Rats in concert, so they’re left to enjoy Max singing a duet with himself.

written by Paul Owen & David Hansen
with additional material by Jim Pullin, James Hendrie and Matt Frewer
directed by David G. Hillier
music by Matt Forrest and Art Of Noise

The Max Headroom ShowCast: Matt Frewer (Max Headroom), Vidal Sassoon (himself)

Videos: “Away” (Bolshoi), “Square Dance Rap” (Sir Mix-A-Lot), “Runaway” (Luis Cardinas)

LogBook entry by Earl Green