Man From Atlantis III: Killer Spores

Man From AtlantisMark Harris participates in an emergency mission to retrieve a space probe splashing down after a three-year mission. But when it hits water, it emits a screaming sound that affects Mark the most; when he swims out to it, he describes objects like blue coins covering the probe. Mark comes into contact with one of the blue objects and begins behaving strangely, experiencing brief periods of what humans would describe as madness. He then begins describing life forms that have come to Earth aboard the space probe…but only by regaining his senses can Mark help them leave again.

written by John D.F. Black
directed by Reza Badiyi
music by Fred Karlin

Man From AtlantisCast: Patrick Duffy (Mark Harris), Belinda J. Montgomery (Dr. Elizabeth Merrill), Kenneth Tigar (Dr. Miller Simon), Alan Fudge (C.W. Crawford), Fred Beir (Sub Captain Bracey), Brad David (Paramedic), Carole Demas (Ginny Mendoza), Ivan Bonar (Edwin Shirley), James B. Sikking (Captain Manzone), Erik Holland (Highway Patrolman), James R. Parkes (Highway Patrolman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green