Man From AtlantisWhen all electrical power fails in an 80 mile radius near the Foundation for Oceanic Research, Mark and the Cetacean crew investigate, hoping to discover whether or not the phenomenon has a natural cause. Mark stumbles across an ancient artifact known as the Hawk of Mu, supposedly a link to the lost Lemurian civilization of the vanished island of Mu. But the Hawk’s power is already being harnessed for less than peaceful purposes by Mr. Schubert, whose own daughter becomes Mark’s unlikely ally in the fight to stop him.

teleplay by Luther Murdoch
story by David Balkan
directed by Harry Harris
music by Fred Karlin

Man From AtlantisCast: Patrick Duffy (Mark Harris), Belinda J. Montgomery (Dr. Elizabeth Merrill), Alan Fudge (C.W. Crawford), Victor Buono (Mr. Schubert), Robert Lussier (Brent), Sydney Lassick (Constable), Vicky Huxtable (Juliette Schubert), Carole Mallory (Woman), Richard Laurance Williams (Jomo), J. Victor Lopez (Chuey), Jean Marie Hon (Jane), Anson Downes (Allen)

Notes: The makers of Man From Atlantis employed cutting edge computer graphics for the scenes in Schubert’s lab: the computer screen displayed actual graphics from the then-brand-new Apple II computer, which had just been released in June 1977.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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