The Long Con

LostFlashback: Sawyer tries to pull his scam on a divorcee, but she sees through it. Rather than throw him out, Cassidy asks Sawyer to teach her how to con. Over the next six months, they pull a number of small hustles, but Cassidy wants a big score – she wants to go for the long con. When Sawyer says they need money to pull such a thing, Cassidy admits that she’s been hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars she got in her divorce. Sawyer feigns surprise, but it’s not really news to him . . . he’s known all along. And he and his partner had plans for that money – even if Sawyer may (or may not) be reconsidering them.

The Island: Jack agrees to place his guns inside the bunker locker, and Locke agrees to share the combination with him. Charlie moves to the outskirts of the camp. Hurley tries to interest Sayid in the radio receiver Bernard found in the other bunker. Jack and Ana Lucia are having trouble recruiting anyone for their campaign against the Others, and Ana Lucia thinks it’s because the group is under the mistaken impression that they’re somehow safe. When Sun is almost kidnapped, it seems that attitudes might change.

That raises Sawyer’s suspicions, especially when some of the details don’t quite seem to match up. He shares his concerns with Kate, who goes to Jack. Jack questions Ana Lucia to be sure she isn’t trying to push her case a little too forcefully, but when Sun recovers and Jin is determined to pursue her abductors, Jack brings him to the bunker. But Sawyer has tipped off Locke, and Locke has decided that he won’t be responsible for anyone else taking weapons into the jungle and doing something reckless. He moves the guns from the locker . . . but soon discovers he isn’t as in control of the situation as he believed.

Order the DVDswritten by Leonard Dick & Steven Maeda
directed by Roxann Dawson
music by Michael Giacchino

Guest Cast: Kevin Dunn (Gordy), Beth Broderick (Diane), KM Dickens (Cassidy), Finn Armstrong (Arthur), Richard Cavanna (Peter)

Notes: Kate’s mother Beth is the waitress that serves Sawyer when he meets with his partner. Director Roxann Dawson played B’Elanna Torres on Star Trek: Voyager and directed several episodes of that series and Star Trek: Enterprise.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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