The Hunting Party

LostFlashback: Jack’s reputation from his wife Sarah’s recovery has attracted an older patient in desperate search of hope for a cure for a spinal tumor. Jack’s father does not feel the man is a candidate for surgery, but the patient’s daughter Gabriella appeals directly to Jack, who can’t step back from a challenge. Jack keeps throwing himself into his work even though he can feel the distance growing between him and Sarah, and even though his father warns him not to get too close to the case – or to Gabriella.

The Island: Michael knocks out Locke and puts him and Jack into the gun locker in order to go after Walt. When Kate and Sawyer arrive to let them out, Jack and Locke take off after Michael. Sawyer insists on coming along, and Kate tries to follow. When Jack tells her to stay behind and watch the hatch, she drafts Hurley into button duty and follows. Jin wants to go after his friend as well, but Sun refuses to allow him to risk himself again.

Locke tracks Michael going north, following a different trail than he traveled with the tail survivors. As the three searchers probe each other’s motivations for the expedition, they hear gunfire, but are unable to find Michael. Locke and Jack’s argument over whether or not to proceed is interrupted by a representative of the Others – the one who took Walt and shot Sawyer. He tells the three that they are unwelcome guests on their island, and that from now on borders need to be respected. He tells them to leave their weapons behind and go home, or another of the survivors will pay the price.

Order the DVDswritten by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim
directed by Stephen Williams
music by Michael Giacchno

Guest Cast: John Terry (Dr. Shephard), Julie Bowen (Sarah), Monica Dean (Gabriela), Ronald Guttman (Angelo), M.C. Gainey (Mr. Friendly)

Notes: The Others’ representative calls to Alex – the same name as Rousseau’s child. Jack’s successful operation on Sarah was shown in this season’s Man of Science, Man of Faith.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer