The Glass Ballerina

LostFlashback: Sun wakes up after a night with Jae Lee, who once again asks her to come away with him. They are interrupted by Sun’s father, who angrily tells her to get dressed and leave. Later, he tells Jin that Lee has stolen from him and shamed the family, and demands that Jin put a stop to it. At first Jin refuses, and tries to quit, but the appeal to family responsibilities is too much. At home, he tells Sun that he has to send a message for her father. Horrified, Sun asks him not to, but Jin can not see a way out. Still, he can not pull the trigger. He beats Lee, then tells him to leave the country. Lee decides to follow Jin’s advice – and leaves by leaping out his window.

The Island: Jin wants to turn back after waiting a day for Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley. Sayid insists that they need to wait to meet their friends, although he wants to go further up the island in order to set a more visible fire. Jin effuses, but after a brief argument, Jin decides to help Sayid. Later, Sayid admit that he has been lying – he believes their friends have been captured, and he is trying to set a trap. Jin discovers the lie – and that Sun has been helping Sayid. He asks for a gun and waits with Sayid, while Jin returns to the boat. This turns out to be a mistake. The Others have seen the boat, and they head straight for it, leading to a confrontation between an armed Sun and one of the Others.

At the camp, Sawyer and Kate are pressed into labor digging and hauling rocks. Sawyer’s efforts at defiance are met with electric shocks. When he stops working and kisses Kate, the guards move in to stop him. A brawl ensues, and Sawyer gets a gun. But Juliet is pointing one at Kate, so Sawyer gives up and gets another shock for his trouble. He admits to Kate that fight was a way together information about their captors, but he doesn’t realize that Ben is gathering information on him. He is also providing information to Jack – not only his real name, but a glimpse of an event Jack thought could never happen. Ben also makes an offer: at some point, he will ask for Jack’s help. If Jack gives it, Ben will take him home.

Order the DVDswritten by Jeff Pinkner & Drew Goddard
directed by Paul Edwards
music by Michael Giacchino

Guest Cast: M.C. Gainey (Mr. Friendly), Tania Raymonde (Alex), Paula Malcolmson (Colleen), Michael Bowen (Pickett), Byron Chung (Mr. Paik), Tony Lee (Jae Lee), Sophie Kim (Young Sun), Joah Buley (Luke), Tomiko Okhee Lee (Mrs. Lee), Teddy Wells (Other)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer