Stranger in a Strange Land

LostFlashback: Jack spends some time on a beach in Thailand, where he meets Achara, a woman who refuses to divulge much about herself. The secrets don’t get in the way of their attraction, but eventually Jack’s curiosity gets the better of him. He follows her to a tattoo parlor, and Achara reveals that she has a gift. She sees people for who they are, and then marks them – definition, not decoration. This is exactly what Jack’s been looking for, and he demands that Achara tell him who he is. She begs him not to – he is an outsider, and there will be consequences. But he is adamant – he demands to know. Achara tells Jack that he is a leader, but that this makes him alone and angry. This seems to resonate, and he demands that she tattoo him, no matter who else might disapprove.

The Island: Kate keeps looking for an opportunity to go back and rescue Jack, or to use Karl to find the Others’ main residence. But Sawyer takes a more cautious approach, and even suggests to Karl that he go try to find Alex. Whether this is a moment of sentimentality on Sawyer’s part, or an effort to sever Karl’s fate from their, it works, leaving Kate and Sawyer alone with their unresolved issues.

It’s musical cells day back at the Others’ camp, with Jack moved into Sawyer’s old cell and Juliet placed in Jack’s. Another member of the Others, Isabel, is investigating Juliet’s actions, and Jack decides to cover for her. Isabel is not buying his story, however. Juliet’s one chance at staying in the Others’ favor appears to be convincing Jack to help Ben with his post-operative recovery, but for the moment Jack is not interested.

In his new outdoor setting, Jack receives several visitors. Cindy, the stewardess who was in the tail section of Flight 815, appears with a group of adults and children, one of whom asks how Ana Lucia is doing. Jack asks Cindy what happened, but she ducks the question, and simply says that they are there to watch. Jack, none too pleased with this answer, shouts at them to go away. Later, Alex visits to ask why he saved Ben. He tells her that he did it because he said he would. Alex tells him that Juliet will likely be killed, which sends Jack into action. Now he’s ready to make a deal with Ben – his assistance in exchange for Juliet’s life.

Order the DVDswritten by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Christina M. Kim
directed by Paris Barclay
music by Michael Giacchino

Guest Cast: M.C. Gainey (Mr. Friendly/Tom), Tania Raymonde (Alex), Blake Bashoff (Karl), Kimberly Joseph (Cindy), Bai Ling (Achara), Diana Scarwid (Isabel), Shannon Chanhthanam (Thai Boy), Siwathep Sunapo (Thai Man), James Huang (Chet)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer