LostFlashback: Locke is preparing to propose to Helen when she finds his father’s obituary. The two attend his funeral in an effort to find closure. But instead, Locke discovers that his father, Cooper, is alive, having faked his own death to hide from rather angry men that he swindled. Cooper needs Locke’s help to recover the ill-gotten gains and make his getaway. But helping his father puts Locke in the sights of Cooper’s victims . . . to say nothing of the questions he must dodge from Helen.

The Island: Sayid, Ana Lucia, and Charlie find the balloon and the grave, exactly as Henry described it. Sawyer goads Jack into joining an informal game of Texas hold ‘em. But when Jack cleans up, he goads Sawyer into putting up real stakes – the medical supplies that were in the armory.

Inside the hatch, Locke is puzzled by a strange sound coming from the speakers. He realizes that it’s a countdown just before blast doors seal him and Henry inside. Locke is able to wedge a crowbar underneath one of the doors, but he can’t lift the door alone. Henry agrees to help him – if Locke promises to protect him against the others. Locke agrees, and they raise the door slightly. But when Locke tries to slide underneath, the door descends again, pinning his leg. Locke sends Henry to enter the code and push the button. Before things return to normal, Locke sees a set of symbols projected on the hatch ceiling. He is further relieved when Henry returns to assist him.

As Jack is returning to the hatch, Kate follows him, asking to use the shower. Jack puts her off, but offers to walk back to the beach with her. Before they do, however, they spot a flashing beacon – which signals the location of Dharma supplies that have been air-dropped onto the island. They are soon joined by the balloon hunters, who have done some digging of their own.

Order the DVDswritten by Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof
directed by Stephen Williams
music by Michael Giacchino

Guest Cast:Kevin Tighe (Cooper), Katey Sagal (Helen), Michael Emerson (Henry Gale), Andrea Gabriel (Nadia), Geoffrey Rivas (Father Chuck), Theo Coumbis (Jimmy Bane)

Notes: The beginning of Locke and Helen’s relationship was shown in this season’s Orientation.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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