Left Behind

LostFlashback: Kate returns to Iowa in order to ask her mother why she told the authorities that Kate had murdered her father. On the way, she runs into car trouble, and when the tow truck drops her off at a local gas station, she bumps into Cassidy trying to run a small con. Kate helps Cassidy escape trouble from the station attendant, and in return Cassidy offers to help Kate slip past the feds and set up a meeting with her mom. The meeting does not go well, but Diane agrees not to tell the marshals. On her way out of town, Kate offers to help Cassidy get even with the man who conned her, but Cassidy seems to have taken a different lesson from Kate’s experience.

The Island: Hurley warns Sawyer that the inhabitants of the beach are preparing a vote to banish Sawyer from the camp. He suggests that Sawyer work to make amends with the rest of the group, but Sawyer shrugs off the advice – until he realizes that he won’t be able to make it on his own. So he begins to reach out to the others, with Hurley as an unofficial campaign manager.

Locke tells Kate that he is going to be leaving soon with the Others. Soon after, the Others throw a canister of gas into her room and she falls unconscious. When she wakes up, she is handcuffed to Juliet, who seems just as bewildered as she is. Kate insists on following the trail back to the Others’ village. When Juliet blames Kate for ruining his (and Juliet’s) chance to leave the island, Kate strikes her and eventually dislocates her shoulder. Soon after, they hear the monster approach them, and frantically look for a place to hide. Juliet forces Kate to confront how little she really knows about Jack, and shows she knows more than she let on about both their handcuffs and the monster. That knowledge helps them return to the village safely, where they find Sayid and Jack. As the three survivors prepare to return to their camp, they must settle one question between themselves: will Juliet be left behind?

Order the DVDswritten by Damon Lindelof & Elizabeth Sarnoff
directed by Karen Gaviola
music by Michael Giacchino

Guest Cast: Kim Dickens (Cassidy), Beth Broderick (Diane), Fredric Lane (the Marshall), Andrew Meader (Johnny), Bill Ogilvie (Man), Shawn Lathrop (Federal Agent)

Notes: Cassidy was conned by Sawyer in season 2’s The Long Con. Kate murdered her biological father in season 2’s What Kate Did. Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro do not appear in the opening credits or guest star listings of this episode.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer