Every Man for Himself

LostFlashback: Sawyer is in prison after his con of Cassidy, and not getting along terribly well with the warden. He sees a chance to gain a little revenge by helping a new inmate named Munson, who’s in prison for stealing government funds that haven’t been recovered. The warden wants the money, and Sawyer tells Munson he’ll use every trick he can to win Munson’s confidence – even enlisting his wife. Sawyer’s prediction comes true – while at the same visiting day, Cassidy arrives to tell Sawyer that he has a daughter. Munson turns to Sawyer for help in re-hiding the money, but there may well be things that Sawyer wants even more than payback.

The Island: At the castaways’ camp, Desmond attempts to convince Claire to move her camp for the night. When she prefers to stay, he builds a lightning rod – which he finishes a few minutes before a lightning strike that would have hit Claire and her baby.

Sawyer hatches a plan to use the reward machine to electrocute a guard and escape. But Ben foils that attempt by turning the machine off. Instead, Ben and the Others strap Sawyer to a gurney and jam a needle into his sternum. When he wakes up, Ben shows him a rabbit – a rabbit that quickly dies when it gets too excited. Both the rabbit and Sawyer have been rigged with pacemakers that will kill them if their heart rate gets too high. And if Sawyer mentions his predicament to Kate, she’ll receive the same treatment.

The expedition to the sailboat returns to the Others’ camp, with Colleen in critical condition after being shot by Sun. Juliet tries to save her, but the injuries are beyond her expertise. She brings Jack to the operating room. While scrubbing for surgery, he notices a set of x-rays before Juliet rushes him in to the O.R. He’s too late to save Colleen, especially since some of the Others’ equipment isn’t working properly. The Others leave Jack with Colleen’s body, giving him time to think about the x-rays – and the spinal tumor they showed.

Order the DVDswritten by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
directed by Stephen Williams
music by Michael Giacchino

Guest Cast: Kiele Sanchez (Nikki), Rodrigo Santoro (Paulo), M.C. Gainey (Mr. Friendly), Michael Bowen (Pickett), Ian Gomez (Munson), Bill Duke (Warden Harris), Ariston Green (Jason), Dustin Geiger (Matthew), Kim Dickens (Cassidy), Dorian Burns (Prison Guard), Peter Ruocco (Agent Freedman)

Note: Sawyer swindled Cassidy in season 2’s The Long Con.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer