LostFlashback: Hurley’s therapist in the institution encourages him to face the events that brought him here: a deck Hurley was standing on collapsed, killing two people. Hurley entered a catatonic state where his only activity was eating. Dr. Brooks says he doesn’t think this is necessarily because Hurley likes to eat, but because Hurley wanted to punish himself. Hurley resists the doctor’s advice, often at the urging of his friend and fellow patient Dave. Dave tells Hurley that he’s fine the way he is, that he should think about escaping, and that he shouldn’t turn down a meal. More to the point, as Dr. Brooks shows Hurley – Dave doesn’t exist. On the other hand, Hurley may not be the only future castaway to spend time in that institution.

The Island: Hurley shows Libby his hidden stash of food. She encourages him to do something to free himself of the food, so he destroys all of it. Immediately afterward, he finds out about the airdropped food. As he looks at the crowd poring over the food, he sees a familiar face – Dave. He decides to ask Sawyer for some medication to help prevent his visions, but when Sawyer tries to pull a prank on him, Hurley tackles him. Jin, after taking a moment to enjoy the scene, pulls Hurley away, and Hurley decides to go back to the caves, where he can’t hurt anyone. He runs into the vision of Dave again, who tells him that really, Hurley never left the institution. He went back into his catatonic state and dreamed everything that happened to him since his release. The only way out, the vision says, is to make it clear that Hurley doesn’t buy the dream anymore. And the best way to do that is to leap off a cliff.

Inside the hatch, Sayid and the others try to get some information from their captive, but to little avail. He does share one piece of information with Locke: during the lockdown, he never pushed the button. The countdown expired . . . and absolutely nothing happened.

Order the DVDswritten by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
directed by Jack Bender
music by Michael Giacchino

Guest Cast: Michael Emerson (Henry Gale), Evan Handler (Dave), Bruce Davison (Dr. Brooks), Ron Bottitta (Leonard), Grisel Toledo (Nurse)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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