LostFlashback: Desmond joins the novitiate of a monastery – a mere week before his wedding date with a girl named Ruth. Her brother tracks him down to the monastery and makes his point directly to Desmond’s nose. When he tries to explain himself to Ruth, she calls him a coward. That night, he drowns his sorrows in the monastery’s wine, and the monks decide that Desmond’s path leads elsewhere. As he’s leaving the monastery, he meets a young woman who has come to purchase several cases of wine . . . Penelope Widmore.

The Island: Jack spends time with Juliet as he adjusts to being back at the camp. Seeing this drives Kate back into Sawyer’s bed (metaphorically speaking, anyway). A conversation with Jack over a ping-pong match the next day leads Sawyer to understand the cause and effect relationship of those events, but he seems relatively untroubled by it.

Desmond has a series of precognitive flashes that end in Charlie’s death from one of Rousseau’s booby traps. But those flashes also hint that Penny is coming to the island in search of Desmond. Determined to ensure that the flashes hold true, Desmond convinces Hurley to help him find the cable into the jungle. He asks Jin and Charlie to accompany them as well, but offers as little information as possible. Desmond tries to tell himself that Charlie is destined to die anyway. But as the moment of truth nears, will he really be able to make that sacrifice?

Order the DVDswritten by Jeff Pinkner & Brian K. Vaughan
directed by Stephen Williams
music by Michael Giacchino

Guest Cast: Sonia Walger (Penny Widmore), Jack Maxwell (Derek), Joanna Bool (Ruth), Andrew Connolly (Brother Campbell), Andrew Trask (Older Monk), Marsha Thomason (Parachutist)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer