Fear Factor

Logan's RunLogan and his friends happen upon an intact 20th century mansion, home of a group of reclusive scientists who don’t seem to be willing to discuss what they’re studying. Jessica manages to get a little bit more information, though – and after she finds out what experiments are being conducted there, she says that it’s even worse than the City of Domes. Rem and Logan and trapped in an enclosed chamber and battered with fierce winds, and then fireballs are flung at them – but their ordeal is all part of an attempt to gauge how well Logan handles fear. It’s an emotion that the chief scientist wants to eliminate from his own followers – and instill in any potential enemies before they can do him harm. He sees Logan as the perfect fearless template for his new breed of human soldier.

Download this episodewritten by John Sherlock
directed by Gerald Mayer
music by Bruce Broughton

Guest Cast: Ed Nelson (Dr. Rowan), Jared Martin (Dr. Emory Paulson), William Wellman Jr. (Psychiatrist #1), Peter Brandon (Psychiatrist #2), Carl Byrd (Psychiatrist #3), Jay W. Macintosh (The Woman), Sean Fallon Walsh (Guard “A”), Tim Gillin (Guard #1), Thomas Brunelle (Guard #2)

LogBook entry by Earl Green