LexxConvinced by Xev that he is vital to controlling the Lexx, Prince releases Stan and tries to persuade him to hand over the ship’s key – but even with Xev trying to convince him, Stan isn’t sold on the idea. On the planet Water, Kai plummets out of the sky, having jumped off the hull of the Lexx through the two worlds’ connected atmosphere, and lands at an oceanside city. Here he meets May, a lovely woman who seems to be the only survivor of a recent battle. A balloon from Fire arrives, and Kai quickly dispatches its crew after they try to kill him. With May, he pilots the balloon through the atmosphere to Fire to search for Xev. Once near Prince’s palace, May avails herself of an opportunity to assassinate Fire’s leader, earning an instant grudge from the smitten Xev. They escape Fire and return, via balloon, to the Lexx. But having escaped Prince and his demands to use Lexx to destroy Water, Stan is now asked by May to destroy Fire…and Xev is outraged when he seriously considers it.

Order the DVDswritten by Paul Donovan
directed by Chris Bould
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Nigel Bennett (Prince), Anna Kathrin Bleuler (May)

LogBook entry by Earl Green