LexxAs Lexx flies through a swarm of space-borne life forms, one of them slips aboard and scans the crew, listening in on one of Stan’s dreams and taking the form of a girl he once (unsuccessfully) asked out on a date. Despite his having just woken up, this incident still registers as unusual enough with Stan to convince him to awaken Kai. The girl, Lyekka, seems to take an instant dislike to Kai, but she’s still perfectly cheerful about it. The Lexx receives a signal from a spacecraft from the planet Potatoho, whose astronauts are venturing into interstellar space for the first time. Stan welcomes them aboard and gives them a tour of the Lexx, and Lyekka expresses an interest in the astronauts as well. When Stanley demonstrates Lexx’s destructive power, he accidentally destroys the Potatoho space capsule. As Stan sleeps, the astronauts explore Lexx, and one of them finds Lyekka lurking on the flight deck. She offers herself to him, and mere moments later, his crewmates can find no trace of him. The same fate soon befalls another of the astronauts, only this time Kai sees it happen – Lyekka reverts to a jellyfish-like form and devours the astronaut. Now, with only one of the astronauts remaining, Kai knows it’s only a matter of time before Lyekka turns to Stan for dessert. But first, Lyekka has a gift for Stan.

In the meantime, the planet Potatoho receives visitors of its own: a swarm of robotic drone arms which attack and completely destroy the planet, with Mantrid’s ship not far behind.

Order the DVDswritten by Lex Gigeroff and Paul Donovan
directed by Stephan Wagner
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Stephen McHattie (Captain Moss), Louise Wischerman (Lyekka), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790 / Bando), Roman Podhora (Boosh)

Notes: This episode marks Xenia Seeberg’s debut in the role of Xev (the same character as Zev, more or less reborn in a new body).

LogBook entry by Earl Green

Retrogram Podcast from theLogBook.com