LexxIn a distant corner of the universe, a bloody war is waged between the last remaining individual members of two races. Their conflict comes to an end on a transmitter satellite called TV World, where they finally kill each other trying to settle a decade of conflict over which world had better TV ratings. Years later, Lexx follows the continuing unmanned transmissions to TV World, where an intrigued Xev wants to land and explore, dragging Stan and 790 along with her. An automated TV studio still functions on TV World, offering TV-crazed visitors the chance to star in their own TV series, and if the satellite’s unseen audience approves of the “star’s” contributions, the show goes on. If not, the show is cancelled. Xev tries out a salacious sitcom called Boys’ School, while Stan hurls 790 into a talk show and then himself wanders into a sitcom called Girl Time. While Xev thrives with her own natural gift for innuendo, Stan strikes out, winds up in three cancelled shows in a row, and is scheduled for decapitation – after which his head will be kept alive, forced to become part of an entire audience composed of former contestants. When Kai awakens and rushes to assist his crewmates, will his arrival be enough to prevent them from being “cancelled”?

Order the DVDswritten by Lex Gigeroff
directed by Paul Donovan
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Tom Tasse (C.G.), Barbara Schmeid (Slinka), Sandra Keller (Yoyo), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790), Tom Gallant (Lexx), Rosemarie Friedrich (The Wife), Nikolas Artajo (Kid), Thorsten Feller (Liggum), Gabi Fleming (Female Body – Dead), Thomas Arnicke (Bodyguard), Alexander Muller (Bodyguard), Mirko Szabo (Bodyguard), Sebastian Kokot (Bodyguard), Oliver Stolz (Bodyguard), Andrè Haines (Hunted), Mark Owen (Hunter)

LogBook entry by Earl Green