Eating Pattern

Lexx790 detects a signal from an artificial probe, pointing travelers toward a planet with abundant natural resources – something which everyone, including the Lexx itself, needs. When Stan and Zev go to wake Kai, he can’t be revived. Lexx homes in on a garbage planet to feed, and Zev wants to take the opportunity to bury Kai now that he no longer seems to have enough protoblood to sustain him. After the burial, Zev explores a structure nearby, over Stan’s and 790’s objections. When Stan goes looking for her after a while, he encounters a humanoid who tries to kill him and is rescued by a young woman named Wist. Before he can resume his search for Zev, Wist infests Stan with a parasitic life form that she also carries. She introduces Stan to Bog, the leader of the infested humans on this planet; under the influence of the parasites, the humans have become cannibals. Zev is soon captured by more infested humans and prepared for slaughter. Stan tries to lead his new comrades to fresh meat, only to discover that Kai has arisen and fled his makeshift grave, so they proceed to the feeding Lexx to gather the brains of the Divine Predecessors. With Stan’s ability to fly the Lexx, the parasites may soon spread across the universe – and Kai and Zev may not survive long enough to stop it.

Order the DVDswritten by Lex Gigeroff with Jeffrey Hirschfield and Paul Donovan
directed by Rainer Matsutani
music by Marty Simon

Cast: Brian Downey (Stanley Tweedle), Eva Habermann (Zev), Michael McManus (Kai), Rutger Hauer (Bog), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790), Doreen Jacobi (Wist), Gerry Wolff (Snik), Holger Kunkel (Boork), Hussi Kutlucan (Orlluk), Hans Dieter Bruckner (Grullek), Arno Wyznlewski (Kuk), Jeffrey Hirschfield (Feemak), Clancy King (Coozunk), Die Netzers (Worm puppeteer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green