Land Of The LostWill and Holly embark on another unauthorized expedition into the jungle, following a trio of flying structures similar to the pylons they’ve spotted in Sleestak territory. Although the Marshall siblings agree to call the flying objects “skylons,” they can’t agree on what to do next. Will finds a pylon near where the skylons are hovering, and barges in and begins changing the positions of the crystals inside. The weather immediately turns against them, forcing them to take shelter in the pylon until Rick finds them. As his father lectures him about tampering with the forces of nature, Will has to backtrack, trying to remember how to set the crystals back into the positions where they were originally, as the weather outside grows more severe. What no one realizes is that the skylons themselves are trying to help.

Order the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Dick Morgan
directed by Bob Lally
music by Jimmie Haskell

Land Of The LostCast: Spencer Milligan (Rick Marshall), Wesley Eure (Will Marshall), Kathy Coleman (Penny Marshall), Philip Paley (Cha-Ka)

Notes: Although Philip Paley is credited as Cha-Ka, the character does not appear in this episode.

LogBook entry by Earl Green