The Paku Who Came To Dinner

Land Of The LostMonths after becoming stranded in the prehistoric wilderness, the Marshalls reflect on the changes that their presence has brought to the environment, and to the lives of Cha-Ka, Dopey and the other creatures they’ve met. Holly continues trying to make friends with Cha-Ka and the Paku, but her overtures of friendship meet with mixed results when Cha-Ka’s people kidnap her.

Order the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Barry Blitzer
directed by Bob Lally
music by Jimmie Haskell

Cast: Spencer Milligan (Rick Marshall), Wesley Eure (Will Marshall), Kathy Coleman (Penny Marshall), Sharon Baird (Paku), Joe Giamalva (Paku), Philip Paley (Cha-Ka)

Land Of The LostNotes: Only ten episodes into its first season, Land Of The Lost was already so far over budget that a “clip show” – an unfortunately common practice where a money-strapped show films a few framing scenes of a story in which the characters “remember” clips of their past exploits – was necessary. Episodes “remembered” by the Marshalls include Cha-Ka, Dopey, and others, with all new scenes shot using existing sets, costumes, and dinosaur miniature scenes, and no guest stars aside from the usual Paku suspects (whose costumes and makeup had already been made for previous episodes).

LogBook entry by Earl Green