Land Of The LostWill is awakened late at night by a strange sound, but when he next hears the sound while working outside in broad daylight, he can’t ignore it. He follows it, like a siren song, to the Sleestak ruins where he sees an image of his mother. He then snaps out of it and returns home. This continues until Holly notices his strange behavior and follows him to the ruins; by touching a particular crystal that Will picks up in the ruins, she can see her mother too. But something is stopping both of them from saying anything to Rick, and it isn’t until he follows his children’s latest trance-like trek to the ruins that he realizes who is luring them there.

Order the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Dick Morgan
directed by Bob Lally
music by Jimmie Haskell

Land Of The LostCast: Spencer Milligan (Rick Marshall), Wesley Eure (Will Marshall), Kathy Coleman (Penny Marshall), Erica Hagen (Mother), David Greenwood (Sleestak), William Laimbeer (Sleestak), John Lambert (Sleestak)

Notes: Despite Enik’s claims in the previous episode that the Sleestaks in the ruins are his descendants, reduced to primitive savagery, the Sleestaks seem to have some understanding of what the crystal and the cave do to the Marshalls, as they’re lying in wait for their victims.

LogBook entry by Earl Green