Land Of The GiantsThe Spindrift crew scatters when they almost find up underfoot as giants search for a wanted criminal – a man named O’Reilly who, unseen by his pursuers, trips, falls, and is knocked unconscious. When O’Reilly comes to, he sees the tiny members of the Spindrift crew, and Fitzhugh takes the initiative, convincing O’Reilly that they are nobles from the world of leprechauns. Fitzhugh continues the ruse, getting O’Reilly to do everything from bringing the crew beer to bringing them much-needed parts to repair the Spindrift. While this is a beneficial arrangement, O’Reilly has two dangerous wild cards: his own drinking habit, and the fact that he’s still very much a wanted man – two things which put the Spindrift crew, and especially Fitzhugh, in dire peril.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Jackson Gillis
directed by Sobey Martin
music by John Williams

Land Of The GiantsCast: Gary Conway (Steve), Don Matheson (Mark), Stefan Angrim (Barry), Don Marshall (Dan), Deanna Lund (Valerie), Heather Young (Betty), Kurt Kasznar (Fitzhugh), Alan Hale Jr. (O’Reilly), Alan Bergmann (Krenko), Billy Halop (Bartender Harry), Edward Marr (Peddler Brynie), Lindsay Workmann (Jeweler Cunningham), Michael J. Quinn (Watchman Jake), Dusty Cadis (Store Guard Warner Jr.)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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