The Devil’s Platform

Night StalkerA series of mysterious deaths plague players from both parties during a Senatorial election. At the site of one death, an elevator crash, Kolchak witnesses a mysterious dog and manages to grab a strange pentagram amulet about its neck. The lead candidate, Robert Palmer, disappears until the dog later attacks Kolchak and recovers the amulet. The inexplicable nature of the deaths, and the presence of a similar amulet about Palmer’s neck, convince Kolchak that the politician has sold his soul to Satan in return for a guaranteed ascension from obscurity to the Presidency itself. Kolchak must confront Palmer and destroy the symbol of his demonic pact.

Order the DVDswritten by Donn Mullaly
from a story by Tim Maschler
directed by Allen Baron
music by Gil Mille

Guest Cast: Tom Skerritt (Robert Palmer), Ellen Weston (Lorraine Palmer), Julie Gregg (Susan Driscoll), Jeanne Cooper (Dr. Kline), Stanley Adams (Louie the Bartender)

Notes: Miss Emily Cowles (Ruth McDevitt) returns from a trip to the Vatican in this episode, although she appears in an earlier episode (The Werewolf) as “Edith Cowels.” Internal consistency was not a strong point of the series. This episode, with its commentary on politics, journalism, and religion, probably has the sharpest dialogue of the series.

LogBook entry by Steve Crowe