Primal Scream

Night StalkerA research scientist with an oil conglomerate is killed, his arm literally ripped from his body. The scientist’s project is wreathed in secrecy. Investigating further, Kolchak discovers that a number of earth samples were brought back from the Arctic by a company research team. The samples contained cellular organisms which, when accidentally thawed out, begin to reproduce at a rapid rate, growing into primate “missing link” creatures. There are several at large, attacking Chicago residents. Despite the ongoing cover-up by both the police and the conglomerate as they attempt to recover the primates, Kolchak tracks the remaining humanoid to its lair in the tunnels beneath the football stadium where the first atomic tests were conducted.

Order the DVDswritten by Bill S. Ballinger & David Chase
directed by Robert Scheerer
music by Gil Mille

Guest Cast: John Marley (Captain Molnar), Pat Harrington (Thomas Kitzmiller), Jamie Farr (Jack Burton), Katharine Woodville (Dr. Helen Lynch), Gary Baxley (the Primate)

Notes: There are a number of in-jokes in this story. One of the victims is named William Pratt (Boris Karloff’s real name). Another is watching The Mummy, a Universal picture, when he is killed. Universal, of course, was the series’ co-producer.

LogBook entry by Steve Crowe