Horror In The Heights

Night StalkerSenior citizens in a low-income district are dying, literally gnawed to death. The authorities dismiss the deaths as rats feasting on persons dying of natural cause. Kolchak discovers that the neighborhood is covered with swastikas, a religious symbol among many cultures. The trail leads to an elderly Hindu restaurant owner, who fires a crossbow at the reporter and mutters about “Rakshasa.” With the aid of a museum curator, Kolchak discovers that a rakshasa is a Hindu demon that feeds on human flesh, and was banished from Earth centuries ago. From time to time they send a scout back to Earth to see if the time is right for their return. Confronting the restaurant owner, Kolchak discovers the man has devoted his life to killing the Rakshasa scouts. He is informed the creatures kill their prey by taking on the image of a trusted friend or relative, and can only be killed by a crossbow bolt blessed by a priest of Brahma. Kolchak claims to trust no one, but must then decide whether the Miss Emily approaching him is the real one, or the rakshasa.

Order the DVDswritten by Jimmy Sangster
directed by Michael T. Caffey
music by Gil Mille

Guest Cast: Phil Silvers (Harry Starman), Murray Matheson (Lane Marriott), Benny Rubin (Julius “Buck” Fineman), Barry Gordon (Barry the Waiter), Abraham Sofaer (Elderly Rakshasa Hunter)

Notes: Considered the best Night Stalker episode by many. Author Jimmy Sangster penned a number of Hammer horror movies.

LogBook entry by Steve Crowe