Night StalkerThe murder of a taxi driver at a garage has several unusual aspects. His head was cut off, his killer used a sword, and a witness reports that the victim was decapitated by a headless motorcyclist. Kolchak investigates and determines that the victim was a member of a cycle gang in the 50’s. Other victims turn up decapitated, each a member of the same gang. Behind the killings lies a grisly tale: the victims played a prank on the leader of a rival gang, which resulted in his decapitation. The gang’s leader, Studs Spake, buried the body, but not the head. The leader had ridden in the 50’s seeking vengeance until Studs reunited the head and body. Now, the excavation of the cemetary has resulted in the head and body being separated once more, and the headless motorcyclist rides again. With Studs dead, Kolchak must restore the head to the body once more.

Order the DVDswritten by Steve Fisher, David Chase, Bob Gale & Robert Zemeckis
directed by Bruce Kessler
music by Gil Mille

Guest Cast: Larry Linville (Captain Jonas), Sharon Farrell (Lila Morton), Jim Backus (Herb Bresson), Art Metrano (Studs Spake), Jay Robinson (Professor Strig), Jesse White (Warehouse Security Guard), Steve Franken (Morgue Attendant), Steve Boyum (Headless Motorcyclist)

Notes: Yes, it’s that Robert Zemeckis, Oscar winning Best Director for Forrest Gump.

LogBook entry by Steve Crowe