Episode 9

Knights Of GodDuring Mordrin’s mysterious absence from the headquarters of the Knights of God, Brother Hugo makes his first real grab for power, calling a meeting of the council and trying to build a majority to depose the Prior upon his return. Hugo’s arguments are persuasive: he insinuates that the rumored meeting with the leaders of the resistance could be a step toward surrender, and hints that Mordrin may be trying to install himself as England’s new King – a position that the Knights of God outlawed. Mordrin calls his own council meeting when he returns, setting out to make quick work of Brother Hugo’s insurrection, and finding an ally (and useful cannon fodder) within the ranks of Hugo’s followers. But before he sets Hugo up for his downfall, Prior Mordrin announces that he could ascend to the royal throne if he decides to. And among the ranks of the resistance, passions run high as Arthur insists on a trial for Gervase and Julia. They are sentenced to banishment in the wastelands – the most merciful fate that Arthur’s engraged resistance fighters will tolerate.

written by Richard Cooper
directed by Andrew Morgan
music by Christopher Gunning

Knights Of GodCast: John Woodvine (Mordrin), Patrick Troughton (Arthur), George Winter (Gervase), Julian Fellowes (Hugo), Nigel Stock (Simon), Harrie Cookson (Brigadier Clarke), Gareth Thomas (Owen), Shirley Stelfox (Beth), Claire Parker (Julia), John Vine (Williams), Don Henderson (Colley), Peter Childs (Tyrell)

LogBook entry by Earl Green