Episode 12

Knights Of GodTheir security compromised by the attack by Hugo’s men, the remaining priests of Canterbury smuggle Gervais and Julia out of the church and across the sea to an island monastery, where a blind monk who also knows the secret of the King’s identity is hiding. The Knights of God, turning to fight among themselves as the divide between Mordrin’s and Hugo’s forces escalates into civil war, leave their lines undefended, an advantage that Owen is only too happy to use. The resistance takes – and is able to hold – strategic positions that were considered impassible mere weeks before. Mordrin grows more delusional, refusing to heed warnings of the resistance advance. At the monastery, the monks reveal to Gervase the identity of the last surviving member of the royal family, hidden away from Mordrin and Hugo and raised in secrecy: it is Gervase himself, the sole survivor of the massacre of the royalty. Gervase can reunite England, which makes him the most potent threat to Mordrin’s reign of terror.

But Gervase has been mentally conditioned to kill whoever poses a threat to Mordrin’s rule.

written by Richard Cooper
directed by Andrew Morgan
music by Christopher Gunning

Knights Of GodCast: George Winter (Gervase), Claire Parker (Julia), John Woodvine (Mordrin), Nigel Stock (Simon), Julian Fellowes (Hugo), Patrick Troughton (Arthur), Gareth Thomas (Owen), Barrie Cookson (Brigadier Clarke), Frank Middlemass (Father Gregory), Robert Swann (Chaplain), Peter Childs (Tyrell), Tenniel Evans (Dafydd), Owen Teale (Dai), Dean Harris (Brother Dean)

LogBook entry by Earl Green