The Sirens Of Ceres

K-9When she, Starkey and K-9 catch a glimpse of police brutality in action, Jorjie takes action. At Inspector Drake’s command, the CCPCs try out a new weapon derived from an alien substance, but K-9 makes sure that it misfires badly and suffers serious damage while protecting his friends. In the meantime, Jorjie’s mother, Inspector June Turner, is put in a precarious position within the Department, and enrolls Jorjie in a private school for her own protection. What she doesn’t realize is that the school is just another of Drake’s secret weapons – one which works on the same principle as the one that backfired catastrophically.

written by Deborah Parsons
directed by Daniel Nettheim
music by Christopher Elves

Guest Cast: Robyn Moore (Inspector June Turner), Connor Van Vuuren (Drake), Sophia Emerson-Bains (Vibeka), Cathy Tucker (Malena), Natalie Stephenson (Hilena), Britt Henderson (Kalena), Michael Coglan (CCPC #1 / School CCPC), Josh Norsend (CCPC #2), Manuel Saubie (CCPC #3), David Pawsey (CCPC #4), Catarina Hibbard (Teacher)

Notes: The CCPCs are confirmed to be completely robotic in this episode, rather than uniformed guards. Signage seen at the school identifies it as both the “Magdalene Academy” and the K-9“Magdalen Academy,” even before Starkey interferes with the school’s systems. (The logo seen on-set on various computer screens was probably made by the scenic art department, while the signs that Starkey hacks outside the school were probably the responsibility of the visual effects department.) In a throwback to his days in 1970s Doctor Who, K-9 is sidelined for much of the story for repairs, affording his human co-stars a larger share of the action. Somewhat confusingly, references are made here to events in the episode Liberation, which had yet to air in the UK – even though it had aired in other territories, and effectively serves as part two of the pilot, Regeneration.

LogBook entry by Earl Green