Alien Avatar

K-9Starkey tries to take K-9 fishing, only to find that the fish are apparently frying of their own accord, covered with an unknown substance. Starkey brings a sample back to Gryffen’s lab, where it’s identified as an alien substance. Inspector Turner makes a similar finding: Inspector Drake is holding an alien spacecraft, and has authorized extreme measures to get its crew to reveal the technology aboard. When she deduces that Drake is working on turning the alien technology into a surveillance device of unlimited range, Inspector Turner decides that even the Department shouldn’t have that kind of power, and turns to Gryffen and K-9 for help.

written by Graeme Farmer
directed by Karl Zwicky
music by Christopher Elves

Guest Cast: Robyn Moore (Inspector June Turner), Connor Van Vuuren (Drake)

Notes: Starkey reveals that K-9 has 5,000 movies “on his hard drive,” which accounts for the casual, colloquial speech of this K-9 model. (It’s possible that Starkey’s just guessing about the hard drive and doesn’t have a better technical term to explain K-9’s memory.

LogBook entry by Earl Green