The Red Kiss

JeremiahBandits carjack Jeremiah and Kurdy, leaving them on foot. The nearest sign of civilization they can find is an abandoned amusement park where a handful of families have taken up residence. The travelers find they’re not welcome there either – children have been disappearing at an alarming rate. When Jeremiah sees that the bandits have been through this area, using the equipment stolen in the land rover as trade bait, he offers to stay and help guard the children until the bandits return. The remaining children at the park regard Jeremiah as the stuff of legend – an avenging angel who has come to protect them from vampires. When more children disappear, their families come to the conclusion that Jeremiah and Kurdy are responsible.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Sam Egan
directed by James Head
music by Tim Truman

Guest Cast: Vincent Gale (Cord Geary), Tobias Mehler (Jack), Pablo Santos (Magyar), Shawn Macdonald (Fipps), Wendy Russell (Treva), Yvonne Myers (Helen), Sharon Alexander (Chapelle), Berend McKenzie (Medicine Joe), Aleks Paunovic (Stomp), Talia Ranger (Maia), Reece Thompson (Tommy Geary), Nickol Tschenscher (Beth Geary), J.R. Messado (J.J.)

LogBook entry by Earl Green