Man Of Iron, Woman Under Glass

JeremiahMarcus Alexander is the glue that holds the underground Thunder Mountain complex together, leading a kind of resistance movement to bring the world back to order. Jeremiah and Kurdy have allied themselves to his cause reluctantly, though Jeremiah has been very critical of Marcus’ reticence about using the former military complex’s resources – plentiful food, energy, technology and supplies – to help those “outside.” Marcus also has a secret that he’s been keeping even from his own people: a woman who survived the Big Death and now lives in a bio-isolation ward in the mountain; she carries the virus, but has somehow survived it. If she were to step out of that chamber, everyone in the mountain would be wiped out, and the Big Death might spread anew. But unfortunately for Marcus, someone has found out – and plans to tell the others about the woman’s presence. In the meantime, Jeremiah and Kurdy are on another scouting mission when a boy standing in the road forces Jeremiah to swerve into the woods, wrecking the land rover in the process. When Jeremiah comes to, the boy is standing over him, in the trademark costume of comic book hero Captain Iron. Jeremiah and Kurdy are tended to by the boy’s sister and her husband. Jeremiah learns that “Captain Iron” was a loner – a nerd by some people’s standards – even before the Big Death. Since the death of his parents, he has adopted his hero’s code of honor, helping others, defending the defenseless, and bringing inspiration to some – and derisive laughter from others, such as his brother-in-law. But when bandits attack their camp and kidnap his sister, the world’s last superhero may be in over his head – and if he gets himself killed while trying to save his sister, who will save us all then?

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Brett Dowler
music by Graeme Coleman

Guest Cast: Peter Stebbings (Marcus Alexander), Roman Danylo (John), Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin), Nathanial Arcand (Mike), Suzy Joachim (Megan), Sarah Deakins (Shelly), Russell Porter (Thug), Winston Brown (Vincent), Tyler Williamson (young John), Andrew Francis (young Marcus), Justin Ortiz (Kid), Ben Baxter (Kid), Samuel Scantlebury (Kid)

Note: Jeremiah’s inquiry about Valhalla Sector brings about a most unusual response from “Captain Iron,” and even a fleeting hint in flashback that the boy has been there – against his will.

LogBook entry by Earl Green