Deus Ex Machina

JeremiahMarcus picks up where he left off, trying to unite various communities and factions to stave off the anarchy that has reigned since the Big Death. Counting on Theo for support, Marcus is somewhat surprised when she is uncharactertistically quiet during the contentious meetings. Kurdy, still refusing to work with Jeremiah, insists that Mr. Smith is his new partner, but he’s unaware that his mysterious benefactor has created and begun using a simple camera – and he’s upset when Marcus refuses to accept Smith so readily. Theo and Marcus are especially worried about a town leader named Daniel, who has a dangerous reputation – and a lot of pull with those who have even heard of him. Marcus pairs Kurdy with a man named Trent, and sends them to make contact with a particularly dangerous group – a mission that nearly gets Kurdy killed, something averted only by the sudden appearance of Mr. Smith, who seems to single-handedly disperse the gang holding Kurdy and Trent hostage. When an agent sent by Daniel arrives at Thunder Mountain and tries to steal the thunder from Marcus’ meeting, Theo steps forward to announce her preference for Marcus’ vision of a new world and a new government – because, to everyone’s surprise, she’s pregnant.

Order the DVDswritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Mike Vejar
music by Tim Truman

Guest Cast: Peter Stebbings (Marcus), Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin), Kim Hawthorne (Theo), Byron Lawson (Lee Chen), David Palfey (Vincent), Scott Heindl (Thug), Kavan Smith (Trent), Adrian Holmes (Sandor), Craig Veroni (Hernandez), David Quinlan (Worker)

LogBook entry by Earl Green