The Son Also Rises

InvasionWhen Larkin finds Jesse at home, drunk, and practicing his aim with the gun that Tom gave him, Russell confronts his son first, and then confiscates the gun and goes to confront Tom about it. He also gives Tom the evidence he has uncovered, that Szura is part of the military’s plans for the hybrids. Worried that the future of the hybrids is falling out of his control, Tom and his most trusted deputy, Sirk, go to check in on Szura’s island operation, but they find the island deserted. Larkin and Dave try to find out more about Szura’s master plan from the documents Dave retrieved, but they also find that another hurricane is forming in the Atlantic – one that could be on a direct path for Homestead, and one that could cover Szura and his followers if they make a more overt grab for power. A group of boys from Jesse’s school invite him to join them as they band together to fight for non-hybrids – but when he discovers that their first sacrifice is Deputy Sirk, Jesse finds himself fighting his own kind.

Order this DVDwritten by Juan Carlos Coto & Michael Foley
directed by Sergio Mimica Gezzan
music by Jon Ehrlich and Jason Verlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), James Frain (Eli Szura), Tina Holmes (Ms. Wade), Joshua Gomez (Scott), Mark Colson (Deputy Munger), Julio Oscar Mechoso (Frank Vargas), Holmes Osborne (Mayor Littles), Kimleigh Smith (Nurse #1), Eddie Rutkowski (Nurse #2), Veronica Cartwright (Valerie Shenkman), Tripp Pickel (Deputy Smith), Richard Lucas (TV Director), Carlos McCullers II (Jake), Stephen Alvarez (Paul Hambrick)

LogBook entry by Earl Green