The Nest

InvasionFrustrated that no one can or will tell her about “what happens in the water,” Kira Underlay decides to find out for herself, but only finds trouble. Her ex-boyfriend Derek and a young woman named Christina appear, claiming to have swum to Homestead from an island camp set up by Kira’s father. Kira reluctantly goes along with them as they introduce her to petty shoplifting, but when they break into a beachfront house and then Christina stabs the owner to death when he comes home, Kira wants no part of it – but she has no choice, as Christina holds her hostage. Even Derek, who has become a hybrid himself, is unsettled by Christina’s behavior. As Sheriff Underlay begins trying to track Kira down, Russell and Mariel get together to find out exactly how much becoming a hybrid has changed her, but the results of their tests only open more questions. Kira’s questions about what’s in the water lead her away from her captors and into an encounter with one of the glowing aquatic life forms.

Order this DVDwritten by Shaun Cassidy & Julie Siege
directed by Lawrence Trilling
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Michael Mitchell (Derek Culie), Elisabeth Moss (Christina), Ruben Garfias (Albert Moldiva), Scott Klace (Stevie), Patricia Bethune (Ellen Paymer), Nathan Baesel (Sirk)

LogBook entry by Earl Green