The Cradle

InvasionRussell finds an infant in a cooler and takes the baby to the hospital, and Sheriff Underlay later introduces him to a woman and her frantic mother, who says the woman has lost her newborn child. But when Mariel performs DNA matching tests, the baby and the woman don’t appear to be related – the woman has never even given birth. But she was also one of the many people who was found in a dazed state after the hurricane, just like Mariel, her mother reveals – and when Mariel goes to talk to the young woman about her experience later, she finds the woman’s mother laying dead nearby, brutally murdered. Mariel goes to the jail to talk to her fellow hurricane survivor, only to find that the woman has apparently received an unusual pep talk about her destiny – from the sheriff. When Mariel follows the woman’s advice and goes into the water near where she was found after the hurricane, Mariel comes back questioning who she – and her husband – really are.

Order this DVDwritten by Julie Siege
directed by Ernest Dickerson
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), Lee Garlington (Helen), Elisabeth Moss (Christina), Ron Butler (Coroner)

LogBook entry by Earl Green