Round Up

InvasionAs Russell and Sheriff Underlay race back toward Homestead to stop Szura’s tkaeover plan, their families’ escape plan comes to a screeching halt – literally – until a National Guard vehicle picks them up and takes them, along with several other passengers, to a “shelter” – where the passengers are separated depending on whether they’re humans or hybrids. Mariel is taken away from her children and Larkin. Staying at Larkin’s home to document the lights that will herald another invasion, Dave is interrogated by Deputy Sirk and two other deputies who are trying to track down Underlay – on Szura’s orders. When the interrogation becomes a life-or-death struggle between human and hybrid, Dave discovers how far he’s willing to go to survive. Russell and Underlay find where the hybrids are being taken by Szura’s “National Guardsmen,” and Russell finds Mariel locked up. He slips her a gun in the event that Szura questions her personally about Underlay’s whereabouts. Szura does indeed come for Mariel, but not to interrogate her – he needs her help with pregnant hybrid women who have gone into premature labor with the arrival of the hurricane. And Larkin, Jesse and Rose discover the horrifying purpose behind Szura’s “shelters” – they aren’t going to wait out the storm there. They’re there to be sacrificed to the lights, becoming the next generation of hybrids…

Order this DVDwritten by Shaun Cassidy
directed by Steve Shill
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Verlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), James Frain (Szura), Tammy Trull (Alma), Julio Oscar Mechoso (Frank Vargas), Cotter Smith (Deputy Buell), Tripp Pickel (Deputy Armis), Stephen Alvarez (Paul Hambrick), Sarah Colonna (Guardswoman), Jon Huertas (National Guardsman), Eric Sheffer Stevens (National Guard driver), Denny Pierce (Guardsman #2), Brennan Feonix (Guardsman #3)

LogBook entry by Earl Green