The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas

The Incredible HulkBanner boards flight 14, a Chicago-bound 747, hoping to meet with a neuroscientist about his condition. A passenger in a neighboring seat passes out after drinking coffee, and Banner goes to inform the pilot, who asks Banner to follow him into the hold…at which point Banner is shoved into a cage and locked in. The pilot and a member of the flight crew are not what they seem: they’ve drugged the flight crew and put the plane on autopilot, and plan to parachute out after stealing prized artifacts hidden among the cargo. The pilot plans to dispose of his inconvenient witness, only to discover that the tight, pressurized confines of a passenger airplane don’t mix with the Incredible Hulk.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Justin Edgerton
directed by Larry Stewart
music by Joe Harnell

The Incredible HulkCast: Bill Bixby (David Bruce Banner), Jack Colvin (Jack McGee), Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk), Julie Gregg (Wanda), John Crawford (Tom Edler), Dean Santoro (Ed Campion), Don Marshall (Lee), Simone Griffeth (Cathy), John Dewey-Carter (Ambulance Attendant), John Dennis (Mechanic), Buck Young (Doctor), Phil Hoover (1st Patrolman), William Molloy (Registration Clerk), Paul Coufos (Officer), Charles Picerni (Charlie), Tony Miller (Pit Boss), Wally K. Berns (Texan), David M. Zellitti (2nd Patrolman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green