HyperdriveCommander Henderson has big news for the crew of the Camden Lock – due to the destruction of another ship, they have secured a place in the Green Javelins, a stunt-flying squadron of starships showcasing Britain’s finest spaceship builders and crews. What Henderson doesn’t know is that his ship is only filling in for one display, but it’s a big one: an alien government is considering purchasing British-made starships, and even one slightly inept maneuver could end that deal. Worse still, Teal had a previous relationship with the commander of the Green Javelins’ flagship, and is both mortified and intrigued to find that he still harbors feelings for her as well, so much so that he wants her to transfer to his ship. Meanwhile, York creates an artificial replica of himself that bewilders all of his shipmates.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Kevin Cecil & Andy Riley
directed by John Henderson
music by Mark Thomas

HyperdriveCast: Nick Frost (Henderson), Kevin Eldon (York / False York), Miranda Hart (Teal), Dan Antopolski (Jeffers), Stephen Evans (Vine), Petra Massey (Sandstrom), Stephen Mangan (Mason), Paterson Joseph (Space Marshal), Marek Larwood (Amorf Spets), Toby Park (McCluskey), Robert Galas (Teenager), Maggie Service (Voices), Ewan Bailey (Voices)

HyperdriveNotes: The Camden Lock is an Andover-class ship. By the end of the episode, the Camden Lock is an Andover-class ship with lots and lots of heavy damage. We also find out that Andover-class ships with lots and lots of heavy damage can land, at least in low-gravity environments such as Earth’s moon. Guest star Stephen Mangan would later take on the title role of the BBC’s TV adaptation of Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently books.

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