HyperdriveDuring a joint British/Danish drug blockade, an unidentified ship wanders into the Camden Lock’s search area. But it’s no drug runner – it’s legendary experimental solar sail pilot Clare Winchester, who has been out of contact with the rest of the human race for quite some time. Henderson wants to be the first human to greet her in years, but upon boarding her ship, he finds that Clare has become a little bit eccentric – actually, very, very eccentric. His attempts to help her result in a less than helpful result: namely, he becomes her hostage. Worse yet, York wants to lead a strike team – consisting of the rest of the bridge crew – to save Henderson with the maximum possible amount of violence.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Kevin Cecil & Andy Riley
directed by John Henderson
music by Mark Thomas

HyperdriveCast: Nick Frost (Henderson), Kevin Eldon (York), Miranda Hart (Teal), Dan Antopolski (Jeffers), Stephen Evans (Vine), Petra Massey (Sandstrom), Sally Phillips (Clare Winchester), William Brand (Danish Commander), Remi Wilson (Piretti) Morwenna Banks (Announcer), Maggie Service (Computer Voices)

LogBook entry by Earl Green