HyperdriveAs the crew is distracted by mandatory psychological assessment tests, the Camden Lock strays into contested space, where automatic defense systems wreak serious damage on Henderson’s ship. He is to submit to a Category “J” inspection in a week’s time, an inspection which has ended many a space captain’s career. Henderson retreats to his quarters and hands command over to York, who promises to have the ship running at peak efficiency before the inspector arrives, and demands unquestioning loyalty and obedience from the crew. The crew, however, has different ideas. In the meantime, pan-galactic beings are contacting Vine in his mind, offering knowledge beyond human comprehension.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Kevin Cecil & Andy Riley
directed by John Henderson
music by Mark Thomas

HyperdriveCast: Nick Frost (Henderson), Kevin Eldon (York / False York), Miranda Hart (Teal), Dan Antopolski (Jeffers), Stephen Evans (Vine), Petra Massey (Sandstrom), Paterson Joseph (Space Marshal), Wren Shepherd (Captain Helix), Stephanie Dooley (Beautiful Space Lady), Adam Payne (young Vine), Joe Marshall (Wade), Remi Wilson (Piretti), Chris Brailsford (Space Force Inspector), Sarah Solemani (Alien 1), Katy Brand (Alien 2), Morwenna Banks (Announcer), Maggie Service (Computer Voices), Ewan Bailey (Computer Voices)

LogBook entry by Earl Green