Episode 22 (Fit The Twenty-Second)

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: Quandary PhaseUpon returning from a bizarre meeting with a man named Wonko the Sane in California, Arthur and Fenchurch find that they have company when they get home – Ford Prefect has returned to Earth. As reluctant as Arthur is to give up the Earth again, he and Fenchurch both realize that they no longer fit in, and set off to see God’s Final Message to His Creations. Ford, in his purloined alien spacecraft (which created quite a stir in London), drops them off, and a chance encounter not only reveals the message, but the final words of Marvin the paranoid android. But it may turn out to be both the first and last time that Arthur and Fenchurch hitch a ride across the galaxy together.

Order this CDwritten by Douglas Adams
adapted by Dirk Maggs from the novel “So Long And Thanks For All The Fish”
directed by Dirk Maggs
music by Paul “Wix” Wickens

Cast: William Franklyn (The Voice of the Book), Simon Jones (Arthur Dent), Geoffrey McGivern (Ford Prefect), Bill Paterson (Rob McKenna), Jane Horrocks (Fenchurch), Sandra Dickinson (Tricia McMillian), Stephen Moore (Marvin), Bob Golding (The Majestic Vantrashell), Alison Pettitt (Stewardess), Brian Cobby (Speaking Clock), Nick Clarke (himself), Charlotte Green (herself), Peter Donaldson (himself), Sir Patrick Moore (himself)

LogBook entry by Earl Green