Episode 16 (Fit The Sixteenth)

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: Tertiary PhaseArthur’s teleport signal has been diverted to an unknown location, where a horrific creature called Agrajag seems to be intent on killing him. It claims Arthur has killed it in all of its incarnations, and it wants revenge – but all it succeeds in doing is killing itself. In the process, Arthur quite accidentally discovers the art of flying, and ends up flying right into the wild airborne party that Ford and Slartibartfast are attending, ostensibly to save the universe. But the arrival of Krikkit robots interrupts Slartibartfast’s universe-saving plans, and another vital piece of the key that will free the rest of their army falls into the wrong hands.

Order this CDwritten by Douglas Adams
adapted by Dirk Maggs from the novel “Life, The Universe And Everything”
directed by Dirk Maggs
music by Paul “Wix” Wickens

Cast: William Franklyn (The Voice of the Book), Simon Jones (Arthur Dent), Geoffrey McGivern (Ford Prefect), Susan Sheridan Don't Panic(Trillian), Dominic Hawksley (Thor the Thunder God), Richard Griffiths (Slartibartfast), Douglas Adams (Agrajag), Bob Golding (Award Winner), Joanna Lumley (The Woman with the Sydney Opera House Head)

Notes: The vocal performance of Agrajag originated from a book-on-tape reading by Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy author Douglas Adams, who died of a heart attack on May 11th, 2001. Not one to let mere death stand in his way, Adams had already suggested to director Dirk Maggs that he could play the role, and to prove his point even played Maggs the very same book-on-tape from which his performance would eventually be drawn.