Road Not Taken

HighlanderMoments after Tessa leaves for a trip to Paris, Richie receives bad news – an old friend of his has wound up in the hospital in critical condition. By the time MacLeod takes Richie to the hospital, his friend has died – and MacLeod spots unusual bruises on the dead boy’s temples, reminding him of the experiments of another Immortal, Kiem Sun, who was trying to perfect a way to control the minds of mortals. Eventually, Kiem Sun’s human guinea pigs would die in excruciating pain, their brains hemmorhaging and leaving similar bruises. MacLeod tracks down Kiem Sun, who admits that his mind-control potion still exists…and claims that one of his students has stolen it.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Terry Nelson
directed by Thomas J. Wright
music by Roger Bellon

HighlanderCast: Adrian Paul (Duncan McLeod), Alexandra Vandernoort (Tessa), Stan Kirsch (Richie), Soon-Teck Oh (Kiem Sun), Wendell Wright (Sgt. Powell), Christianne Hirt (Angie)

LogBook entry by Earl Green