HeroesIn the aftermath of the rescue of Claire Bennet, the FBI team tracking Sylar goes to Odessa, Texas to look for clues. Parkman meets Peter Petrelli, who is unable to explain his miraculous survival when he and Sylar fell from the top of the stadium bleachers – and for a moment, Peter can read Parkman’s mind just like Parkman can read his. Sylar, on the other hand, is now in custody – but not FBI custody. He awakens in a secure cell, captured by Mr. Bennet and his people, who intend to all but dissect him to learn how he can have more than one power. Bennet has his hands full in other areas too; he’s gone into full damage control mode with the homecoming incident, trying his best to conceal Claire’s part in it and, in fact, trying to eliminate any memory of what happened aside from a mysterious, grisly death at the school. Claire now has no way to hide her healing ability from him, but then she finds that he’s known all along. Bennet frees Isaac Mendez after keeping the artist locked up long enough to kick his heroin habit again, and Mendez promptly calls Hiro, who is depressed after learning that he can’t make major changes to history. Mendez goes to meet Hiro and Ando and, for the first time, creates one of his pieces of clairvoyant artwork without the influence of drugs – not that this can help him to explain why he’s drawn a picture of Hiro heroically wielding a sword…against a huge dinosaur.

Order the DVDswritten by Joe Pokaski
directed by John Badham
music by Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman / vocals by Shenkar

Guest Cast: Clea Duvall (Audrey Hanson), Nora Zehetner (Eden McCain), James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi), Zachary Quinto (Sylar), Thomas Dekker (Zach), Jimmy Jean-Louis (The Haitian)

LogBook entry by Earl Green